Über Travelita

Welcome to TRAVELITA – I’m glad you’re visiting my travel blog!

Behind TRAVELITA is me – Anita – a Bernese who lives in Zurich, who is over thirty, passionate about being on the road and capturing what she has experienced with camera and pen. By the way, I’ve been doing this for a long time. Photo albums with meticulously recorded travel anecdotes from my teenage years bear witness to this. According to the motto: “Let’s discover the world together” – I share my travel experiences with you here.

I’m passionate about a lot of things, including…

    • Start the day with a brunch
    • Exploring Big Cities
    • hike through pristine valleys
    • enjoy the sunrise on a summit
    • Marvel at historical sites
    • photographing modern architecture
    • explore faraway lands
    • spotting wild animals
    • for relaxation wellness
    • drink a latte macchiato in the sunshine
    • to put your feet in the sand
    • Experience culinary flights of fancy

… and report on small and large world discoveries

You can find more information about me and my blogging activities in the FAQ. And if you are interested in a cooperation with me, then take a look here: working with TRAVELITA

When I’m not climbing to the summit or touring the big wide world, I work as a spatial and traffic planner. The interest in the built environment also accompanies me on my travels.

Sometimes I also tell stories elsewhere, chat about the sewing box while on the road and produce content (texts and images) for clients from the tourism and lifestyle sector in collaboration with my blog partner Nicolas Glauser. Posts by me (and about me) can be found here (excerpt):

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Contact:Anita Brechbühl