Crime scene Tell – looking for clues around Altdorf

William Tell and his unerring apple shot. I would think that sooner or later there will be an intermezzo with our “national hero” in every Swiss school career. At the time, Schiller’s classical drama was too dry for me, despite all the heroic deeds, and accordingly few details – with the exception of the apple shot and the Rütli oath – remained in my long-term memory over the years. Last weekend we went in search of clues and refreshed the memories.

Crime scene Tell – in search of clues around Altdorf

This year, Uri Tourism has launched the “Crime Scene Tell” terrain game, an interactive terrain game for young and old sleuths. The game is spread over a total of 15 stations from Bürglen via Altdorf to the Tellsplatte near Sisikon on Lake Uri. Last year, we had touched Altdorf on the edge of the Uri cable car hike. I’ve never been to Bürglen or the Tellsplatte. The game was the perfect opportunity to get to know the region better.

We start our search for clues at the tourist information office in the centre of Altdorf, where we are handed a game plan, crime scene tickets, a commissioner’s ID card and a well-filled backpack. We shoulder the backpack with the research objects and walk briskly towards Bürglen. Since the stations are not numbered, the order of the stations can be approached according to your mood.


Crime Scene Tell Terrain Game

Tatort Tell Karten

“Tricky, tricky”! Admittedly, we had imagined the whole thing to be easier. But already the first crime scene puts us to the test. Eagle eyes are in demand. We puzzle back and forth and fail miserably. Wrong angle chosen (the rooster is to blame). We take a look at the church of St. Peter and Paul of Bürglen and marvel at the beautiful chalet opposite the Tell statue. At the second and third crime scene in Bürglen, patience is required. Not my forte, but the ambition of the friend is awakened. We search the ground millimeter by millimeter until we come across the solution. In the Tell Museum right next door, we then immerse ourselves in the world of the myth of Tell.










With two real tracks in the bag, we return to Altdorf. A total of seven crime scenes await vife sleuths here. On the way, we meet other commissioner candidates and help a German family, who had already had to hand in their backpacks, with our research objects. “It’s a great game – also for the children,” they enthuse and tell us about their eventful search for clues that we still have ahead of us. At the beginning, I was critical about whether it really grabbed me. But at the latest in the tower, where an accurate shot is required to find a solution, my ambition is awakened.




Tellspiele Altdorf

Actually, “Tatort Tell” is designed as a day trip. We interrupt the game at half-time to watch the Tell games. On October 18, 1898, a popular assembly in Altdorf unanimously decided to perform Schiller’s version of William Tell. Since then, William Tell has usually been interpreted every four years by a new director and performed for about two months. In this year’s new production, German director Philippe Becker has focused on community. A three-hour, brilliant theatrical play that offers gripping scenes. On 22 October is the Dernière – if you have time at short notice for a detour to the Tellspielhaus Altdorf: It’s worth it. Otherwise, in four years’ time, a new director will certainly surprise us again with a new perspective on Schiller’s William Tell.



Crime Scene Tell – Finish on the Tell Plate

Fresh and cheerful, we continue the search for clues the next morning in cloudy weather. The great thing about the search for clues is that it leads us right through Altdorf to the sights: into the Türmli and up to the oldest Capuchin monastery in the north of the Alps.

For the last four puzzles, we make our way to the Tellsplatte. You can either hike there from Flüelen on the Swiss way, or arrive by train and bus. In Tell style, we opt for the latter. We solve the four crime scenes on the Tellsplatte with flying colors and finally show 12 out of 15 correctly solved clues. We have hereby secured the promotion to Chief Commissioner. An extremely entertaining trip to Altdorf, which not only refreshed old stories, but also took us to exciting places around Altdorf. The boyfriend and I puzzled, tinkered, searched, guessed and above all: laughed a lot. Yes, Tatort Tell was absolutely exhilarating despite the dark clouds.






Tips around Altdorf

  • This time we stayed at the Hotel Goldener Schlüssel right next to the Tellspielhaus and were pleasantly surprised, from the simple but comfortable rooms. An overnight alternative is the Hotel Restaurant Höfli, where we stayed last year.
  • Delicacies from the region are served in the restaurant zum Schwarzer Löwen. Also recommended is the restaurant Fomaz – an integration project of the Swiss Red Cross
  • You can read more about Tatort Tell here
  • In Bürglen, the short detour to the Tell Museum is worthwhile
  • When the weather is nice, I recommend you take a breather on the terrace of the lakeside restaurant Tellsplatte
  • On the Swiss Trail, the area around Lake Uri can also be discovered

Uri Tourism supported our stay in Altdorf. Thank you very much for this. As always, all impressions/opinions are ours.


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