Traumnest Hahnenmoos

A night in a dream nest: glamping on the Hahnenmoospass

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Switzerland is richer by a glamping offer. Since this summer, the three so-called dream nests in the glamping village on the Hahnenmoos Pass near Adelboden have been offering a very special overnight experience. We were allowed to get a taste of one of the three dream nests during one night and enjoyed every second of it to the fullest. It is therefore probably not surprising that we are very happy to recommend a break in the dream nest. In the following lines, I will show you what you can expect in and around the three houses, which have been designed with great attention to detail.

An overnight tip for glamping fans

The small glamping village is located a few metres above the Hahnenmoos mountain hotels and consists of three sleeping huts for two people each (on request, extra beds are available for children or other people), a barbecue hut as well as a hot tub and a sauna. The complex is surrounded by alpine pastures and offers a wonderful panoramic view towards the Wildstrubel massif.

Glamping Traumnest

This is what awaits you in the Dream Nest

While the nests, which are assembled using wooden elements, look quite compact from the outside, my jaw drops for a moment when I look inside. Wow! Impressive what you can get out of a floor area of 18 m2 and how lovingly the furnishings are put together. The interior is also dominated by high-quality wooden elements and yes: shower and toilet can also be found here. With a coffee machine, bathrobes, hair dryer and electricity connection, you don’t have to compromise on comfort. A special eye-catcher is the glass panoramic roof, which gives you an unobstructed view of the mountains (and the stars) from the bed.

Traumnest Hahnenmmoos

From my side, there are already two thumbs up at this point. Another positive aspect is the visible and tangible efforts of the Berghotel Hahnenmoos to operate the glamping village as sustainably and environmentally friendly as possible. For example, woodchip paths were laid out to channel the soil pollution and to preserve the blooming alpine meadows between the dream nests.

Each of the three sleeping huts also has a so-called “alpine beach chair”, in which you can relax protected from the sun and wind. Alternatively, the hot tub beckons. As a guest, you can specify a desired time slot for the use of the hot tub upon arrival, after which he will be fired with wood for the specified time.

Traumnest Hahnenmoos
HotPot Traumnest

The overnight experience in the dream nest also includes a barbecue in the so-called “barbecue nest”. This hut offers space for six to eight people (although it gets a bit “cuddly” with eight).

At check-in, you will be asked to tick off any selection from a list of salads, vegetables, meats and cheeses, which will then be brought to the barbecue hut at the desired time. You can barbecue at your own pace in a convivial exchange with the other “villagers”. Depending on the weather, the outdoor fire bowl can also be used for barbecuing.

However, the dream nest undoubtedly unfolds its full magic when the day-trippers have long since made their way home and the sun slowly says goodbye behind the mountain peaks. The magnificent mountain scenery comes into its own during the twilight.

Abendstimmung Hahnenmoos
Glampingdorf Hahnenmoos

And it is just as magical as falling asleep in the evening with an unobstructed view of the starry sky, tired and satisfied from a day in the mountains, to be woken up the next morning by the first rays of sunshine peeking out from behind the peaks. As a further plus, as a Traumnest guest, you will receive a breakfast basket packed with local products delivered directly to the “Nest”. Of course, you can also choose in advance what you want to fill the basket with.

Morgenstimmung Bergsommer
Sonnenaufgang Hahnenmoospass
Frühstück Hahnenmoos

Hiking, mountain biking or goat trekking?

Slept well and had breakfast? And now: Apart from relaxing in the midst of this impressive mountain backdrop, what else can you do around the glamping village? The possibilities are endless. The included services for a dream nest stay include e-mountain bike rental and the use of a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) for use on the reservoir. Furthermore, the Hahnenmoos Pass is a Mecca for model gliding. And if you like a little more action, you can go on a hike with the shaggy goats Trax, Matilda, Peaches, Daktari, Elli and Gitzi or cruise down the valley on various scooter routes. More information can be found on the website of the Berghotel Hahnemoos.

Speichersee Hahnenmoos

Tour suggestion for ambitious hikers

We also combined the detour to the dream nest on the Hahnenmoos Pass with a sporty part. After last year’s hike from Lake Albigna to Lägh da Cavloc, I wanted to take the opportunity to challenge myself once again with a blue-white-blue marked mountain hike.

We have therefore integrated the stopover in the dream nest into a kind of two-day hike. On the first day we hiked from the Engstligenalp over the Ammertenspitz to the Hahnenmoos Pass and the next day we added the popular route over the flower trail from Hahnenmoos to Sillerenbühl. I can definitely recommend the latter to anyone who stays in the dream nest and likes to hike. The first tour tip, on the other hand, should only be followed if you already have experience on alpine mountain hiking trails and do not bother with sloping and exposed passages.

Day 1 via the Aeugi-Lowa-Weg to the Hahnenmoos Pass

Once I’ve set my mind to something, it’s hard to dissuade me. And so, after I had already flirted with the route via the Aeugi-Lowa-Weg, all the alternative routes still considered to hike from Adelboden to the Hahnenmoos Pass (and there would be some, of course) seemed less appealing to me. Those of you who have been reading this for a while also know that I never go on blue-white-blue marked mountain hikes without a detailed study of the route. This is also because I quickly feel overwhelmed during scrambling games.

The blue-white-blue marked Aeugi-Lowa trail between the Ammertenspitz and the Luegli seemed quite feasible to me after consulting various route descriptions. However, since most of the tour descriptions are in the opposite direction (ascent from Hahnenmoos and descent towards Engstligenalp), a factor of uncertainty remained. The ascent to the Ammertenspitz went quickly and especially on the last, scree section from the Ammerten Pass to the summit I was very happy that we “only” have to walk uphill here. The terrain is very slippery and extremely tedious to walk downhill without poles.

Engstligenalp Wandern
Aufstieg Ammertenpass
Aufstieg Ammertenspitz
Aussicht Ammertenspitz

We had timed our passage over the Aeugi-Lowa trail in such a way that the probability that someone else will meet us on the ascent is small. A good decision. Cruising is no fun here in most places. Otherwise, I was pleasantly surprised at how well maintained the trail is. The steepest parts are overcome with really comfortable iron stairs and in many places chains are attached for safety. Scrambling is therefore hardly necessary (difficulty T3+/T4).

However, surefootedness and a head for heights is definitely a basic requirement for the Aeugi-Lowa Trail. The paths are narrow and exposed. For this reason, we also packed away the camera – safety first. I didn’t regret my route decision for a second on the way. On the contrary – later I enjoyed the view from the dream nest on the Ammertenspitz all the more and was amazed at how elegantly the Aeugi-Lowa trail winds its way through the rugged rock faces.


Starting point Engstligenalp mountain station (1,960 m above sea level)
Reachability Accessible by gondola lift
Length 9.5 kilometres
Elevation gain ↗ 756 m 768 m ↘
Duration 3:45 p.m.
Destination Hahnenmoos Pass (1,950 m above sea level)
Catering At the point of departure and destination (no refreshments on the way)

Day 2 easy short hike from the Hahnenmoos Pass to Sillerenbühl

On the second day, the focus was on enjoyment. We followed the scenic (and instructive) flower trail from the Hahnenmoos Pass to the Sillerenbühl mountain station. You can also do the tour very well on the day of arrival in the dream nest (e.g. directly after check-in). From Sillerenbühl you can reach the bottom of the Geils in 40 minutes (on foot), from where you can take the gondola back up to the Hahnemoos Pass.

Hahnenmoos Sillerenbühl
Wandern Adelboden
Panorama Adelboden Lenk

Starting point Hahnenmoos Pass (1,950 m above sea level)
Reachability Accessible by gondola lift
Length 3.3 kilometers
Elevation gain ↗ 144 m 123 m ↘
Duration 1:00 p.m.
Destination Sillerenbühl (1,970 m above sea level)
Catering At the point of departure and destination (no refreshments on the way)

Practical tips for a stay in the dream nest

  • The dream nests can be booked until October 16, 2022. The cost in low season is 470 CHF per night for two people based on double occupancy. During the high season (2 July to 28 August) you pay 550 CHF.
  • Included in the price is half-board (breakfast basket with regional products and grill plate for dinner), use of the hot tub and barbecue hut, alpine beach chair, fire bowl, e-mountain bike and SUP rental, free parking at the middle station in Geils. Further information on the price and the included services can be found on the website of the Berghotel Hahnenmoos.
  • The “nests” are perfectly equipped and nothing is missing. But don’t forget that the temperatures at almost 2,000 metres above sea level cool down quickly in the evening, even in midsummer, so it’s advisable to take a warming jacket with you.

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