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Time is running out. It’s been five months since my last news post. Since then, we have been on the road a lot. Spring was all about a great road trip through Oman and exciting city trips. From mid-June onwards, we traditionally dedicated our seasonal focus to the Alpine region. In the past 1.5 months, we have mastered numerous kilometers of hiking trails and experienced unique mountain moments. I’ve packed my Instagram highlights from July into this post. After a short interlude in Italy, this week we are going back to the mountains – to the beautiful Bernese Oberland.

In terms of travel, August and September will be intensive, even though we will be traveling mostly in Switzerland. From mid-August, we will start with the first photo shoots for the book project of the Swiss Historic Hotels. Three tours are planned until the end of September, which will take us all over Switzerland. If time permits, I would like to give you an insight into this work here on the blog with one or the other “Behind the Scenes” post. In between, detours are planned to the “most beautiful place in Austria” (a superlative that sets the bar high), to the Bernese Oberland (a second time), to Glarus, to Valais and to remote Ligurian villages. And all this in two months. Kind of crazy, right? There are no concrete plans for October, November and December yet, but there are many ideas floating around in your head.

Since the interview in the current Transa-Heftli (you can read about it here: 4-Seasons) I have received many mails and messages with the wish that we report here on the blog about our photo tips and our photo equipment. Many people ask what kind of camera and lenses we take with us on hikes. Whether we always carry a tripod with us and whether these are HDR images (the answer to this is always a “no” with an exclamation mark). Since we have recently expanded the scope for the Sony with a converter (MC-11 from Sigma), a new lens is being added and we have the opportunity to use two more lenses as a test, I would like to do justice to the frequently expressed wish in the next few months and take up the topic of photography in the blog. You are welcome to leave me a comment here, what you are particularly interested in in this regard.

And now there’s the Travelita July in a nutshell:

Slow down in the Doubs Nature Park

Jura Nature ParkDoubs

Hut-to-hut tour in the Berchtesgaden National Park



Stopover in Lausanne


Dream moments on the Gotthard Pass



Summit happiness in the Stubai Valley


Out and about in the canton of Obwalden



Dolce Vita in Bologna und Ferrara




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