Reiseschnappschuss – knapp über Wasser

Venice’s Arsenal remained just above water during our visit last November. The Acqua Alta provided a smooth transition between the water and the various buildings of the shipyard. Construction of the complex began as early as 1,104 and for a long time formed the naval base of the former Republic of Venice.

Although the Arsenal is only a few minutes’ walk east of St. Mark’s Square, there is no sign of the mass tourism that Venice sometimes almost threatens to stifle. Art and architecture fans may be familiar with the site because of the Biennale. Parts of the exhibition can be admired in old buildings of the Arsenal.

The 32-hectare site represents one of the largest pre-industrial production plants in Europe and is flanked by two towers – the Ingresso all’ Acqua water gate and the Ingresso di Terra portal gate. Today, there is hardly any indication of the former business acumen. Most of the buildings and water cranes are more or less rotting away. But there are many beautiful corners to discover. The unique run-down charm of the site was one of the highlights in Venice for me personally.


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