Enjoy nature above Lake Lauenen

Would you like to hike comfortably from Lauenen to Lake Lauenen, or try a more challenging route in the area? One thing was clear, during our short visit to Gstaad we really wanted to see the beautifully sung about Lauenensee with our own eyes. On Twitter, the hiking hotelier (Thomas Frei from the Bernerhof) tweeted a great route suggestion into the timeline: from Lake Lauenen to the Geltenhütte high above the Geltenschuss and then back to the lake via Chüetangel.

We wanted to tackle the hike as soon as we arrived in Gstaad, as the weather didn’t look so promising for the following day. So we reached Gstaad shortly after nine o’clock in the morning in full hiking gear. Lake Lauenen can be reached from Gstaad train station with an hourly post bus connection. This time, however, a more exclusive vehicle was waiting for us. On the station square, the tourists gathered reverently around a chic 1963 Bentley, which was just waiting to chauffeur us to Lake Lauenen. You can imagine the slightly irritated looks on people’s faces as we sat down in the back seat of the Bentley with our hiking boots. Well, our host, Le Grand Bellevue, didn’t miss the opportunity to organize a unique driving experience for us to the lake. Our chauffeur casually curves the Bentley, which, by the way, once belonged to none other than Roger Moore, along the tight curves to the parking lot at the lake. What a start to the weekend!



Water-rich ascent

From the parking lot, the back-breaking work follows. There are 700 meters of altitude waiting to be mastered step by step. The first section of the trail follows the Geltenbach stream through the forest. This is followed by the first steep and varied section. The water roars loudly down to the valley next to the hiking trail. Our pulse calms down on the beautiful plain of the Feisseberg. Up here, nothing blocks the view of the large waterfall, the Geltenschuss. Equally impressive is the colourful variety of plants. The mountain spring presents itself in all its splendor.

After the short flat section, there is another steep ascent up to the Geltenhütte. Step by step, we fight our way to the top. The highlight is the passage, which runs adventurously on sleepy stones behind the Geltenschuss. We don’t stay completely dry while crossing. Above the Geltenschuss we enjoy the phenomenal panorama far over the Lauenen Valley and delight ourselves from the first blooming alpine roses. This sight makes the hiker’s heart beat faster! On the terrace of the idyllic Geltenhütte in the Gelten-Iffigen nature reserve, we enjoy a refreshing rhubarb pie as a reward.















Scenic way back

After a short breather, we make our way back towards the valley. There is not enough time for the circular hike from the hut to the Rottal (Geltenhütte-Furggetäli-Rotttal-Geltenhütte approx. 1.5 h). After a short confusion, because only the path via Feisseberg is signposted at the hut, we set off on the path that climbs to the right of the hut after asking the hut warden (who unsettles us with the statement “a passage of 500 m is sloping and requires surefootedness”). After the last few metres of altitude have been mastered, the path leads with a direct view of Lake Lauenen along the steep mountain flanks to the Geltentrittli. We pass the sloping parts without any problems, as everything is well secured with additional ropes. At the Chüetungel we finally choose the steep descent directly down to Lake Lauenen. 400 metres of altitude difference over almost 1.4 kilometres are quite a challenge, but we still have some time to walk along Lake Lauenen before the return journey by post bus.









“Dert hindä bim Louenesee”

The lake does not disappoint us with secluded spots, chirping crickets and a unique variety of plants. Although, the growling stomach is badly strained, because along the riverside path the barbecue areas are well visited on this beautiful day and smell accordingly delicious.




The map shows our route. The route is about 8 km long and includes an ascent of 700 meters (up and down). It took us just under 4 hours including a cake stop at the Geltenhütte.

Note: My stay in Gstaad was supported by Le Grand Bellevue. Thank you very much for this! As always, my readers can be sure that I always represent my views and enthusiasm.

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