Lorenchopf-Weg Herbstwanderung Zürich

Lorenchopf-Weg: beautiful autumn hike in Zurich

“What, you’re in Zurich this weekend?!” «Really, now?!». Family, friends and acquaintances have become so accustomed to my busy travel that it is naturally assumed that I will spend my weekend elsewhere. But from time to time I appreciate when a completely unplanned weekend at home is pending. I definitely won’t get bored. There is no shortage of beautiful excursion destinations around Zurich. And especially now in autumn, the deciduous forests along Lake Zurich are a real feast for the eyes.

When the rain cleared last Sunday, I set off to explore the “backside” of Zurich on the Lorenchopf Trail. While I already know Uetliberg, Albiskette and Sihlwald, the Adlisberg as part of the Pfannenstiel ridge on the right bank of Lake Zurich was unknown to me until now.

Beautiful autumn hike in Zurich

The starting point of my hike is the village centre of Fällanden, which I can reach from Zurich main station in less than 20 minutes. I get off at the bus station Fällanden Gemeindehaus and walk towards the church.

Church Fällanden

After crossing the Maurstrasse, a hiking trail signpost shows me the way towards Jörentobel, which starts at the former mill above Fällanden. The ravine, with its large number of erratic blocks, is a landscape protection object of cantonal importance. There’s something magical about this piece of forest. I take a deep breath of the fresh forest air and then let the color palette, which ranges from matt dark green to bright gold tones, work its magic on me. The narrow path follows the babbling stream uphill. For me, this is clearly the most beautiful section of the entire hike.

Fällanden Tobel

Heidelbeeriholz Fällanden

Fällanden Benglen Herbstwald

Lorenchopf-Weg Wegweiser

Fällanden Lorenchopf-Weg

After about thirty minutes, I reach the foothills of Benglen (a garden city settlement that was built in the 1970s). I follow the path through the housing estates of Pfaffhausen and soon reach a wooded area again. The low-lying afternoon sun makes the colourful leaves shimmer in all shades of colour – so beautiful! While I was alone in the Jörentobel, there is much more going on up here. The beautiful weather has lured Hinz and Kunz outside.

Pfaffhausen Aussicht

Far-reaching view from the Lorenchopf observation tower

After a little more than an hour’s walk, you will reach the highlight of the Lorenchopf trail. On a hill of almost 700 m above sea level, a wooden tower offers a magnificent panoramic view over the Zurich Oberland to the Alps. Whereas in the past the distant view in a northerly direction also extended far into the Glattal, today mighty treetops compete with the view. The climb is always worth it! I let my gaze wander over the autumnal canopy and marvel once again at the wonderful places we have right on our doorstep.

Lorenchopf Aussichtsturm

Lorenchopf Brunnen

Adlisberg Herbstwald

Lorenchopf Wanderung Zürich

Aussicht Adlisberg Lorenchopf

From Fällanden via the Adlisberg to Zurich

Afterwards I follow the Lorenchopf path with a few detours to the Hinteradlisberg farm. Here he crosses the Dreiwiesenstrasse and then passes another enchanting piece of forest until he suddenly “spits me out” in civilization again at the sports facilities at Zurich Zoo.

Lorenchopf-Weg Zürich Fällanden

Herbst in Zürich

Indian Summer Zürich

Since the sun has set behind the Uetliberg in the meantime, I decide to postpone the last section and take the tram home from the Zoo station. 3 hours after my departure I am back home – but this short trip did me a lot of good. It is not for nothing that “forest bathing” is considered a medicine in Japan.

Practical tips for the Lorenchopf Trail

The route of the Lorenchopf trail can be found on the map below. The distance from the starting point at the Fällanden Gemeindehaus bus stop to Zurich Rigiblick is 9.3 kilometres. Up to the Lorenchopf lookout tower, the hiking trail leads mostly uphill – a total of 330 metres in altitude have to be overcome. Then continue about 200 m downhill towards Zurich Zoo. The pure hiking time is just under 2.5 hours (at a leisurely pace).

The hiking trail leads past the Zurich Zoo tram station – so there is the possibility to make the hike shorter or longer depending on your mood.

This excursion tip doesn’t quite meet your expectations? No problem! In the article linked below you will find further suggestions on what you can do around Zurich: 9 great excursion destinations and short hikes in the vicinity of Zurich

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