My cinema summer – same same but different

Four Swiss cities are still dominated by the cinema summer. Now that I have been able to enjoy the film once each in Geneva and Basel and twice each in Zurich and Bern, I would like to take the opportunity to point out the special features of each of them. Because the event has its own character in each city.

First of all, however, it is necessary to thank Peter :). This summer is a dream for all outdoor occasions. Of my six visits to the cinema, only one evening was in danger of getting wet and oh wonder! – even then the weather held. Normally, the Swiss summer always fights against gloomy storm clouds, which accumulate punctually towards the evening along the mountain peaks and hill ranges to then really rumble. Not so this year – the clouds are merciful to us.

Well, where do these small but subtle differences show up?

The Location

In Bern, the screen is located on the Grosse Schanze directly behind the historic building of the University of Bern. On a clear day, you can enjoy a fantastic view of the city of Bern and the mountains – Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. The Grosse Schanze also offers optimal connections to public transport, as it is located directly above the Bern train station.

IMG_20130802_193020 IMG_20130811_215019

In Zurich, guests are offered a view of the lake and unbeatable sunsets. The OrangeCinema is located on the Zürichhorn and the screen is located in Lake Zurich.

IMG_20130718_184853 IMG_20130806_205950

In Basel, the event takes place on the historic Münsterplatz with the cathedral behind it. In addition, no seating grandstand will be set up here. The seating is at ground level, which at first glance seems a bit irritating, but in my opinion has no influence on the enjoyment of the film.


In Geneva, the OrangeCinema is located parallel to Lake Geneva at Port-Noir. You don’t see much of the lake itself because of the grandstand during the film.

My favourite is and remains the OrangeCinema with mountain views in Bern. A unique experience was the film “More than Honey” with weather lights in the background. Which one is your favorite?

The price

In Bern, Geneva and Zurich, normal tickets for most films cost 19 CHF. With an unbeatable price, Basel comes up trumps this year. The Münsterplatz has been renovated and presents itself in new splendor. For the inauguration, the OrangeCinema Ticket costs an incredible 5 CHF this year or 15 CHF for previews. Don’t miss out, it’s running until August 22nd!

The people

In the OrangeCinema there is free choice of seats everywhere. People deal with it differently depending on the city. In Zurich and Basel, when the weather is nice, people queue long before the doors open to be the first to get a seat. In front of the box office, the elbows are also extended from time to time.

The Bernese are more relaxed. According to my taste, it is much more relaxed there. The same applies to Geneva. There is no one in line and the cinema remains empty for quite a long time, even after the doors have been opened.

The culinary delight

La Croisette is the name of the restaurant at the top of the grandstand of the OrangeCinema Geneva. Here, external guests (you don’t have to be a moviegoer) can also enjoy a dinner with a panoramic view of Lake Geneva and the city of Geneva.

Basel offers the widest range of restaurants on the OrangeCinema grounds. From grill, Asian, tarte flambée to fajitas, everyone will find something to suit their taste. We opted for the classic tarte flambée for 12 CHF.

In Bern, vegetarians can enjoy a food stall from Tibits. Very close to the OrangeCinema is also the restaurant Pangäa (Schwanengasse 8) – my personal favorite are the super delicious salad creations.

In Zurich, you can enjoy either burgers or Asian specialties on the premises. Again, I have a recommendation away from the cinema grounds. Try the Mexican delicacies at Tres Kilos (Dufoursstrasse 175). Cute, small, cozy Mexican restaurant within walking distance of the cinema area.


The great cinema atmosphere is the same everywhere. An outdoor cinema experience is at least twice as intense as in a “normal” cinema and is definitely fun. In this sense, continue to watch happy movies – with luck even for free!


After you could already win tickets for the film Disconnect in Zurich, there is now the chance to get two tickets for the most beautiful OrangeCinema :) specifically:

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Note: OrangeCinema provides me with the member card for free cinema enjoyment – thank you very much for this! As always, my readers can be sure that I always represent my views and enthusiasm here.

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