To note for autumn: panoramic hike Seebergsee – Meniggrat

With autumn, the most beautiful hiking season is upon us. Stroll through brightly colored forests and breathe in the earthy scent. Enjoy the clear view of white powdered peaks and feel the cool freshness on your skin. Or climb through thick fog and be rewarded with a view over the sea of fog at your destination. Which of you doesn’t look forward to these moments? Therefore, it is high time that I finally share the impressions of last year’s autumn hike from Seebergsee to Meniggrat.

Autumn magic at Seebergsee

The picturesque Seebergsee in the Diemtigtal Nature Park is a popular excursion destination in the summer months. However, as autumn progresses, visitor frequencies decrease significantly. The Seebergsee, which is embedded in the Spillgerten nature reserve, is particularly attractive amidst the autumn colors.

The lake is easily accessible either from Diemtigtal from Zwischenflüh or from Simmental via Grubenwald on foot, by bike or by private car. Most drivers opt for the almost five kilometer long circular hike around Seebergsee, which leads via Stierenberg, Obers Muntigli and back again. With a total of 290 meters in altitude, this is a not-too-demanding tour that is ideal for an entertaining half-day trip.

Seebergsee Herbst
Fotografieren am Seebergsee
Seebergsee im Diemtigtal

From Seebergsee to Meniggrat

Our tour variant can also be completed in half a day. When it comes to altitude, however, it requires a little more breath. As a reward, it offers a wonderful panoramic view over the mountain peaks of the Diemtigtal to Lake Thun. To get to this view, we make a loop at Seebergsee and follow the sign towards the Seeberg mountain restaurant.

Herbst am Seebergsee
Wanderung vom Seebergsee zum Meniggrat

The ascent towards Stand, marked as a mountain hiking trail (white-red-white), begins behind the Seeberg restaurant. The path initially climbs quite steeply. After twenty to thirty minutes of walking, you’ll already have the steepest part behind you. A vast plateau now stretches out in front of you. The journey continues with a not-too-strenuous “up and down”. And all of this with a phenomenal vision!

But don’t rejoice too soon. You haven’t quite reached the altitude at this point yet. In the last third you can expect another 130 meters of altitude. For this, you well deserve the subsequent break at the scenic rest area (bench and table) on the Meniggrat.

Aufstieg Meniggrat
Aussicht Meniggrat
Panorama Diemtigtal
Wanderung zum Meniggrat
Wegweiser Meniggrat
Tiefblick Diemtigtal

We return the same way we came up. Alternatively, you could also descend towards Schwenden or Zwischenflüh.

Key details of the Seebergsee – Meniggrat hike back

You can see the route of our hike from Seebergsee to Meniggrat and back on the following hiking map. The majority of it is a white-red-white marked mountain hiking trail (T3). The path from the car park to Seebergsee is a yellow marked hiking trail (T2).

Unfortunately, the Seebergsee is not accessible by public transport in the summer season. We therefore took this trip from Thun with a car filled to the last seat. The road from Zwüschenflüh to Seebergsee is subject to a toll. You can get a permit (cost 10 CHF) at the machine at the junction.

Alternatively, you can hike from the “Zwischenflüh, Seebergstrasse” post bus stop to Seebergsee in just over 2.5 hours (9.5 kilometers). At the Seebergsee car park there is also a so-called “carpool bench” as an additional mobility option. The idea behind it: You let other excursionists transport you back to the Zwischenflüh post office with a postal connection to Oey. You need to have some patience and flexibility for this.

Please also note that the Seebergsee is located in a nature reserve. Further information about the Spillgerten nature reserve can be found on the Diemtigtal Nature Park website.

AusgangspunktParkplatz Seebergsee (1’750 m ü M.)
Erreichbarkeitnicht mit dem öffentlichen Verkehr erreichbar
Länge9 Kilometer
Höhenmeter↗ 491 m ↘ 491 m
Dauer2:55 h
ZielortParkplatz Seebergsee (1’750 m ü M.)
EinkehrmöglichkeitBergrestaurant Seeberg (bis Ende Oktober täglich geöffnet)

More hiking tips in the region

We have undertaken further hikes in the Thun/Simmental/Diemtigtal region in recent years. Below are a few alternative tips that are also suitable for an autumn hike:

ps. the Meniggrat is also a popular snowshoe and ski touring destination. In the winter season, upon registration, a snow tour bus runs between Zwischenflüh, Seebergstrasse (post bus stop) up to Meniggrund.

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