Hike on Lake Oeschinen – a dream in blue

Last weekend it was really hot summer weather and since you shouldn’t complain when the sun is shining, an escape to the mountains including mountain lake fun was announced. Well, it should be the most beautiful mountain lake, of course. When I asked which are the most beautiful mountain lakes in the Bernese Oberland, I received a lot of feedback. Blausee, Arnisee, Elsigsee, Engstlersee, Lauenensee… I then decided to go to Lake Oeschinen. On the one hand, because I haven’t been there for ages and on the other hand, because Kandersteg is super practical and quick to reach by train.

So we took the train early in the morning and quickly realized that we were not the only ones with the idea of “mountain escape”. Well, I found a seat and the friend was standing next to it, fits.

Hike to Lake Oeschinen

Actually, it would have been planned that we would take the gondola lift up to the Oeschinensee mountain station in Kandersteg and from there take a three-hour circular hike via Oberbärgli, Underbärgli to the lake. But somehow everything turned out differently. First, I lost the friend. Can happen, but is a bit inconvenient if you want to hike together. I waited at the valley station and he hiked up (only I didn’t know that). When I started looking, I took the wrong turn and ended up on the steep mountain path up to the mountain station instead of the direct way to the lake.

In the meantime, the boyfriend had also noticed that I was missing and reported via phone that he was at the lake and where was I staying? At this point I was drenched in sweat, out of breath and terribly annoyed in the landscape. The mountain path runs more or less along the course of the gondola. I think people had a lot of fun watching me climb up there. However, one thing has to be said – the mountain trail is scenic.

About 1.5 hours later I had found the friend again and since we had already hiked, we could enjoy the lake right away. The mountain panorama with the mighty Blüemlisalp, which surrounds the lake, is breathtaking. Some people had carried up their full leisure equipment including a deck chair and a whole fridge full of meat products for the barbecue. The lake itself is a great place to swim and/or row. There is also no shortage of secluded, secluded places to really enjoy the nature all around. Oh, such weekend moments are simply priceless!

Oeschinensee Bernese Oberland
Lake Oeschinen with bench
Boot auf dem Oeschinensee
Alpenrosen beim Wandern
Oeschinensee mit Wasserfall
Blumen vor dem Oeschinensee
Boot am Ufer des Oeschinensee
Anita am Oeschinenseestrand

As a reward for the unexpected hiking exertions, there was chocolate with ice cream and a view in the Oeschinensee restaurant.

Restaurant Oeschinensee

Hike from Lake Oeschinen to Kandersteg

The problem with Lake Oeschinen is that it is about 100 meters lower than the mountain station and since I had already hiked up to the mountain station by mistake, I lacked the desire to complete this route a second time. So it was decided that we would hike down on the direct path (duration about an hour). I was only half convinced by the route – the path was too wide and there was little variety in the landscape.

Wanderung vom Oeschinensee nach Kandersteg
Wasserfall auf dem Weg zum Oeschinensee
Oeschinensee Abfluss
Anita am Wandern

I don’t want to claim that Lake Oeschinen is the most beautiful mountain lake in the Bernese Oberland – but it is certainly a dream in blue (and you can also hike quite nicely, as long as you don’t lose any hiking tracks).

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