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Tobogganing fun Grosse Scheidegg – Schwarzwaldalp

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the most beautiful sledding trail in the Bernese Oberland? In my opinion, the 5.5 kilometers long sledding track from the Grosse Scheidegg down to the Schwarzwaldalp is a very hot contender for the podium. We examined this on a fairy-tale sunny winter day and were so thrilled that we enjoyed the rapid descent through the deeply snow-covered landscape three times in a row.

Starting point Meiringen train station

The train station clock in Meiringen shows exactly 9:15 a.m. as the first rays of sun peek out from behind the snow-covered mountain peaks. Everything indicates that we have chosen a picture-perfect day for this sledging trip. In ten minutes the first sledging bus will be available Take a trip to the snow-covered Rosenlauital.

I was prepared for the post bus to be well occupied, as was the case on our trip in the summer. But the rush is still limited this Sunday. There are only four sleighs loaded in the back and we can still choose a window seat inside. Two other couples seem to be heading for the same destination as us. The toboggan bus connection to Rosenlauital is also used by snowshoe runners and ski tourers.  

Meiringen Toboggan Bus Schwarzwaldalp

With the toboggan bus to Grosse Scheidegg

The road to the Schwarzwaldalp is only cleared white in winter and snow chains are required. Anyone who takes the post bus to Rosenlauital for the first time in the summer may take their hats off at some points in view of the chauffeurs’ driving skills. However, compared to winter, this almost seems like a walk in the park. The journey from Meiringen to the Schwarzwaldalp takes a good 45 minutes. The numerous steep serpentines require precision work and I have to restrain myself so that I don’t clap out of reflex after arriving safely on the Schwarzwaldalp.

Before we tackle the remaining route to the starting point of the toboggan run on the Grosse Scheidegg, there is a ten-minute break. This is timed so that anyone who doesn’t bring their own sleigh can rent one from the Chalet-Hotel Schwarzwaldalp. In addition, those who have traveled here by car can also board at the Chalet-Hotel Schwarzwaldalp. The last section from the Schwarzwaldalp to the Grosse Scheidegg is closed to private traffic in winter.

After these ten minutes, the post bus is completely loaded with sleighs and significantly fuller than it was in Meiringen. The post bus takes a good 15 minutes to travel up from the Schwarzwaldalp to the Grosse Scheidegg. Turning takes place at the top and then the carriages are unloaded.  

Postautofahrt Schwarzwaldalp Winter

The fast sledders can start before the post buses head back towards Schwarzwaldalp. But the majority wait until the post buses are out of sight and during this time they enjoy the panoramic view towards Grindelwald and the Kleine Scheidegg opposite at the foot of the Eiger north face.

Postbuses descent Grosse Scheidegg Winter

Scenic 5.5 kilometer long toboggan run

If you like to take it easy – and that definitely includes me when sledding – just wait until the big crowd has started. It usually doesn’t take long until you have the toboggan run almost to yourself. The 5.5 kilometer long route leads down into the valley over long hairpin bends with mostly gentle slopes. In the upper third, the toboggan run runs above the tree line and impresses with a phenomenal panoramic view towards Engelhörner.

Toboggan run Start Grosse Scheidegg
Sledge run Grosse Scheidegg
Tobogganing Grosse Scheidegg

Comparing it with other toboggan runs, I’m really impressed with how well prepared it is. “Bumps” and icy spots? None. If you like to pick up speed, simply brake less and lean back a little further. This makes the route suitable for beginners and experts alike. You only need a lot of momentum for a section of almost 200 meters long at Schwandboden level if you don’t want to pull the sleigh here. Otherwise, no special effort is required anywhere.

Rosenlauital Winter
Tobogganing Schwarzwaldalp
Grosse Scheidegg toboggan run

I enjoy the fact that I can really take my time on this descent without being overtaken by fast sleds every minute.

Tobogganing Rosenlauital

The post bus timetable between Schwarzwaldalp and Grosse Scheidegg is scheduled so that between 10:20 a.m. and 2:45 p.m. there is a mountain journey every 60 to 70 minutes (a total of 5 mountain journeys). The sleigh ride takes around 20 minutes (at a leisurely pace). This way you can manage it well and without rushing to the next connection.

Delicious snacks in the Chalet-Hotel Schwarzwaldalp

With a day ticket you can complete up to five runs. At least if you don’t take a long lunch break at the Chalet-Hotel Schwarzwaldalp. But let’s be honest: that would be a shame! The Chalet-Hotel Schwarzwaldalp impressed us in the summer with a small but selected menu with lots of regional products. This time we tried the classic cheese slices and Beo beef tartare and rounded off this really delicious lunch with a cream slice. Delicious – I’m telling you!

Through fairytale winter landscapes back to Meiringen

In the afternoon there are two post bus connections from the Schwarzwaldalp back to Meiringen. On the way we reflect on the day again and admire the view of the tips of the Engelhorns, illuminated golden by the last sunlight of the day. Once again the Rosenlauital impressed us with its impressive scenery.

Postbus trip Rosenlauital Winter
Rosenlauital Winter

More winter experiences around the Grosse Scheidegg

In addition to the prepared toboggan run from Grosse Scheidegg to Schwarzwaldalp, there are also two marked snowshoe trails in Rosenlauital of different lengths (4.5 km and 10 km). You can find further information about this on the Chalet-Hotel Schwarzwald website. Ideal for anyone who likes to trudge through the powder snow in peace and quiet away from the crowds.

Practical tips for a successful day of tobogganing on the Schwarzwaldalp

  • The toboggan bus runs daily between the end of December and the beginning of January. From mid-January to the beginning of March 2024from Thursday to Sunday. The courses only run if weather and road conditions permit. You can find current information on the Chalet-Hotel Schwarzwaldalp website.
  • In the morning there is a connection from Meiringen train station to Schwarzwaldalp at 9:25 a.m. and at 10:25 a.m. A third course goes up at noon at 12:45 p.m.
  • Without a discount, the one-way trip for adults from Meiringen to Grosse Scheidegg costs 45 CHF. With GA/Half-Fare travelcard you pay 30 CHF. The one-way trip from Schwarzwaldalp to Grosse Scheidegg costs 24 CHF (without discount) or 12 CHF (with GA/half-fare card).
  • If you are planning more than two toboggan runs, it is worth purchasing a day ticket (75 CHF without discount, 45 CHF with GA/Half-Fare travelcard). Further information about the ticket prices and the timetable can be found on the corresponding website Postbus website.
  • The tickets can be purchased directly from the driver in the Postbus. Both cash payments and TWINT are accepted.
  • The sledges can be rented at the Chalet-Hotel Schwarzwaldalp (rental station is in a container right next to the post bus stop). The cost of daily rental is usually CHF 15 per sleigh. Of course you can also bring your own sleigh.
  • In addition to warm, outdoor clothing, sturdy and non-slip shoes and gloves, it is recommended that you take a helmet with you. I didn’t have mine ready the night before and promptly forgot to take it with me.

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